YOGA HEART MIND KARIJINI RETREAT ~ October 10-16 2023, Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini, Western Australia

Yoga Retreat with Stuart Watkins and Jo Tastula

Experience one of the best glamping spots in Western Australia, nestled amongst native bush at the edge of Joffre Gorge, in the iconic Karijini National Park. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and discover a timeless place full of ancient energy. Feel at peace in beautiful bushland, hike through breathtaking gorges, swim under waterfalls, marvel at incredible plants and wildlife, and dine in an outback restaurant under the stars.

Explore your inner world with daily Yoga and Meditation.

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METAMORPHOSIS ~ June 8-11 2023, Nanga Bush Camp Dwellingup

Ceremonial Retreat with Stuart Watkins, Jo Tastula, Cam Watkins and Malika Warda

Metamorphosis is defined as the process of transformation from an immature form to a mature form or from one thing or person to a completely different one. Ie. As the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Our first retreat in 2021- Cultivating Resilience was huge for those who came along.

Our second retreat last year- A Heroes Journey was incredibly transformational for so many people!

This year’s retreat will be so powerful and we cannot wait to dive in with those who come!!

Price for the retreat per person is $880 for share room. To register please email

Price includes 3 healthy, fresh, vegetarian meals. Please specify any vegan or allergy requirements at least a week before the retreat.

If you’d like a room all to yourself please email and we’ll give you some options and quotes.

* Doesn’t include transportation or any add on’s.

* Please bring your own bedding, towels and yoga mat. Accommodation is simple but comfortable ashram style lodging.

What We Do

Why Yoga is Important

Increases strength and endurance

 Many yoga poses require the use of the body’s own weight as resistance, which helps to build strength and endurance in the muscles. This can improve overall fitness and athletic performance.

Increased Flexibility

Practicing yoga helps to improve flexibility and balance by stretching and strengthening the muscles and joints. This can reduce the risk of injury and improve posture.

Reduce Stress

The focus on breath work and meditation in yoga can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. This can improve overall mental and emotional well-being.

Healthy Life

Some styles of yoga, such as vinyasa or power yoga, can provide a cardiovascular workout that improves heart health and circulation.