Our Courses

Tantric Hatha Intensive

Join Stuart Watkins for over 19 hours of teachings to help support your practice.

Heart of the Middle Path Retreat Training

Join Jo, Stu and friends on this 9 hour retreat training in which you’ve got an opportunity to dive deep into the wisdom traditions in your own space.

Dharma & Lifestyle

Join Jo and Stu in over 45 hours of discussion on Dharma and tips to lead a mindful and conscious life. From Yogic, Tantric and Buddhist philosophy, to candid experiential conversations and insights, Jo and Stu invite you into their home to explore these potent discussions.

Integrative Sadhana

Join Jo, Stu and friends for over 15 hours of comprehensive and integrative teachings. Explore the wisdom of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Trauma Informed Yoga, Functional Anatomy, tools to access the Flow State, tips to cleanse and optimise your body, and so much more. Log on and dive into these teachings from your very own space.

Meditation 101

With Jo Tastula, Stuart Watkins and Friends Join Jo, Stu and friends on this deep dive into the art of meditation. In This Course You will Explore: Practical and mystical tools to help you cultivate clarity and a connection to your spiritual heart Skills to help you navigate the mind and transmute mind states such as fear, doubt, unworthiness and the like Meditations to help you cultivate joy and gratitude Skills to help you relax and sleep better Integrating your meditation into a divers and highly functional skill with various open eyed and closed eyed techniques and so much more!